Easier Warmth
Where we help people stay warm and independent in their homes, no matter their personal circumstances
Living in a warm and comfortable home should be a given for everyone. Sadly, for around two million of our customers, this is not the case.
Our gas network covers some of the most deprived areas in the UK, so we see first-hand the impact that choosing between eating and heating can have on people’s lives. We want to play our part by providing access to easier warmth now and in the future, through supporting those who are struggling the most.
This means ensuring we can spot the signs of customers living in vulnerable situations and fuel poverty, and having access to the tools and expertise to be able to offer the best possible interventions without delay.

We work with well-established safeguarding partners to offer a range of support packages, from energy and income advice to appliance repairs or replacements, all at no cost to the household. Although there is still much uncertainty over how the UK will move from fossil fuels to greener sources of energy for heating homes, the energy transition must consider the needs of everyone, especially those who are in vulnerable situations.

Through engaging with customers and stakeholders, we will ensure that our communities have a voice, and that all our customers fully understand the energy options available, so that they can make the right decision for their circumstances.
Easier Warmth goals
One Million
people with interventions that can improve affordability of home heating reached by 2026
Additional commitments
front line colleagues, provided with annual customer safeguarding training provided to enable them to identify and support customers in fuel poverty and vulnerable situations
By 2026, we will provide over 500,000 free CO alarms to customers living in vulnerable situations.
50% of households
in our networks know that hydrogen is a viable option for heating their homes – with over half of these located in the most disadvantaged areas of our networks by 2030
By 2026
we will have direct conversations with over two million of our customers to inform them of our priority services register, which will ensure that they are provided with tailored services
boilers and appliances replaced, repaired or serviced at no cost to the household
Providing services for all
Our Customer Vulnerability Strategy builds upon the work we’ve already undertaken to help protect customers in vulnerable situations.

Our new strategy is our most ambitious and challenging to date. It details our goal of keeping all our customers safe, warm and independent in their homes as well as our ambition to never leave a customer vulnerable without gas. Read more about it

We’re involved in over 39 VCMA (Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide Allowance) projects which together will deliver over £80 million in society benefits. More detail on our projects can be found here
Sustainable Development Goals
We Are contributing towards

What are we doing?

We’re involved in several hydrogen projects in partnerships with the energy sector.
The three main areas we lead on are blending, industrial power and decarbonising heavy transport.