You've hit a gas pipe? Don't panic!

If you’ve hit one of our pipes, don’t worry, we’ll make it safe, repair it and get your gas flowing again. And, although there is a cost to these repairs, chances are you’re covered by your home insurance.

Fixing the pipe

Our emergency engineers’ priority is to keep you and your home safe.

A different team of engineers will stop the flow of gas and repair or replace the pipe. How long this will take will depend on how badly the pipe is damaged and what repair is required. We may be able to repair the damage but if not, we may have to replace the entire pipe. The engineers will let you know what they need to do when they’ve carried out a full assessment.

Getting your gas back on

You may not have gas until the pipe is fixed.

Before switching your gas back on, one of our specialist gas engineers will attend to carry out necessary safety checks on your gas supply.  This will be a different engineer to the team that will repair the damage as each of our teams has a specialist set of skills.

“I hit the pipe”

Contact your home insurance company, tell them what’s happened and that Cadent, your gas distribution company, are fixing the pipe.

We’ll send you a summarised bill shortly after we’ve completed the repair. You’ll then need to send it onto your home insurance company. This should be all they need to pay the claim.

If you live in rented accommodation and only have contents insurance, you’ll need to speak to your landlord.


“A tradesperson working for me hit the pipe”

If a tradesperson, such as a builder or landscaper hit our pipe, they’ll most likely be covered under their Public Liability Insurance and we’ll claim our costs directly from them.

If they’re on site when we arrive we’ll speak to them and take their details. If they’ve already left, you’ll need to give us their contact details. 


“I don’t have insurance” or “I don’t want to claim on my insurance”

You can pay for the repair yourself.

If you can’t pay in full, please contact us to discuss alternative payment arrangements.