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    Digital Platform for Leakage Analytics (DPLA)

    The Digital Platform for Leakage Analytics (DPLA) project is led by Cadent with Guidehouse as technology delivery partner. It aims to demonstrate a prototype for how data, analytics and innovative sensors can be used to identify, locate, and predict leaks in the gas distribution network.

    The project is funded by the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF). Delivered in partnership with Innovate UK, the SIF programme taps into the best of UK and international innovation whilst aligning with other public innovation funding for the benefit of network users and consumers. Leakage is a continual focus when transporting gas over hundreds of miles of pipelines. The DPLA project will now deliver major advancements in the industry’s ability to monitor and reduce leakage from gas networks. This will not only contribute to Net Zero goals by reducing leakage related emissions but will also help to reduce costs for customers.

    Link to Strategic Innovation Fund Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) | Ofgem

    For full detail of the project Digital Platform for Leakage Analytics – Beta Phase | ENA Innovation Portal (energynetworks.org)

    Any questions regarding the project [email protected]

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