Using Minecraft to educate children about carbon monoxide (CO) safety

In October 2021, we saw the launch of the first Cadent Children's panel, which involved 26 children aged between 5-14 years old.

The children took part in testing a new Minecraft game focussed on educating children about the risks of carbon monoxide.  The game allowed children to safely engage and develop an awareness and understanding about the nature of carbon monoxide and how to prevent harm from exposure to it in their homes.  This project builds on, and complements, our educational programmes including Safety Seymour and the CO Crew.  The Minecraft game was developed through a partnership between Cadent, Skewb Climate and Educraft.

The panel of children tested the game and provided lots of great feedback on how to develop the game before we took it to schools. Everyone had great fun and committed to supporting the next set of Minecraft games as they are developed!

Developers of the game, Ruta Blazeviciute (Director, Skewb Climate) and Shashi Seshadri (CEO, Skewb) said, "It is really exciting to work with Cadent on the carbon monoxide educational and awareness programme! So exciting to see our children adapt so quickly to this digital medium; having fun on such an important topic of safety and wellbeing, with incredible learning avenues and potential to positively impact our future generations!"

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