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Land enquiry

Identify available pressure and establish if there is a requirement for reinforcement at the customer's chosen connection point.

Lead time: D+5
FM172 GT Land Enquiry
FM137 UIP Land Enquiry

Fast-track connections

An independent gas transporter (IGT) or utility infrastructure provider (UIP) can submit a fast track request when the requirement of the site falls within the scope of the standard pressure matrix available in TSPNP14e appendices (please see supporting documents).

This process can also be used when the IGT or UIP has received a valid land enquiry response whereby reinforcement has not been identified.

The only exception to this process is that if the site contains a compressor, CHP or booster the full quotation request process must be followed.

 Lead time: D+5
FM153a GT Fast Track Submission
FM138a UIP Fast Track Submission



You can submit a quotation request when:

  • the requirement of the site falls outside of the standard pressure matrix
  • you have received a valid land enquiry response where reinforcement has been identified
  • the site contains a combined heating plant, booster or compressor
FM153 GT Quotation Request
FM138 UIP Quotation Request

For charges and application forms visit our document library


Some connections will need reinforcement. In these cases you will be informed and will be contacted by our reinforcement team.


Sometimes when IGTs/UIPs want to connect to our network an easement may be required before work can begin.

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