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    Safety Seymour: Educating children about CO safety

    Our well-established school education programmes; Safety Seymour, The CO Crew and the newly created CO safety assembly video continue to be a huge success. This year we have educated a further 53,917 children on the dangers of CO.

    Using key learning points from our existing school packages, Safety Seymour and The CO Crew, we have continued to roll out the new CO safety video in school assemblies to raise awareness on the dangers of CO.

    The video is aimed at primary school children between the ages of four and 11 and allows us to educate a large number of children at once, with an average of 281 children per school. During this year through use of the video alone, we have visited 117 schools educating 32,877 primary school children. Our Safety Seymour and CO Crew packages continue to be a huge success and we have delivered 714 school sessions this year educating 21,040 children. Over the first two years of RIIO-2 through this programme we have educated 76,104 children, who go home to their families and act as “CO ambassadors” and pass on their knowledge learnt in the classroom. We’ll continue to partner with The Katie Haines Memorial Trust and Bonanza Creative to further develop the Safety Seymour package for use across Scouts groups. This will continue to support our journey towards achieving our business commitment of educating 200,000 children during RIIO-2. If you would like to find out more about our CO education programmes visit social-responsibility/responsibility/working-with-schools/teaching-children-about-carbon-monoxide


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