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Gas Connections

Our business owns the gas pipes in the ground in the East of England, London, North West and the West Midlands. These pipes supply gas to about 11 million businesses, schools and homes and to the largest cities in England.

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New connections

This service provides a gas connection to existing and new build properties.


If you don’t need gas at a property anymore, we can disconnect the gas supply. You may need this service when you are:

  • demolishing / renovating a property, or
  • changing from gas to a different fuel source.


If you are renovating or extending a property you may need to change the position of your meter and gas pipes.

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Alternative providers

alternative providers

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We operate the gas network but we are not the only company who can put in a new gas supply or work on existing gas pipes/infrastructure. There are a number of other companies who are also able to perform this work. Complete the form on the next page to apply for a quotation from these alternative companies.