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We hold events across the country to hear from as many customers and stakeholders as possible. Although not all events are open to the public or are restricted due to capacity, we still want to hear from you. Read on to find out about the engagement we've carried out to date.

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December 2019 - The launch of our Business Plan

By listening carefully to our stakeholders and customers, we were able to create a plan that over 83% of customers and businesses thought was acceptable and over 70% thought was affordable.

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October 2019 - Our commitments

You told us what you would like us to deliver and how much you would like to pay for these services.

From this, we created a number of commitments that we are making to you. We tested these commitments with you and you agreed they were acceptable and affordable.

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August 2019 - Early proposals for our Business Plan

Our plans are shaped by your priorities. After listening to your views, we drafted some proposals and shared them with you.

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June 2019 - Customer playback document

We actively engaged throughout 2018 and 2019 with our customers and stakeholders to understand your needs, priorities and expectations from Cadent. Our 'customer playback' document reviews what we heard and provides early insight into our plans.

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Reporting on our engagement

Each year, we submit our Stakeholder Engagement Incentive Submission (SEIS) to Ofgem, showing Ofgem how our engagement with customers and stakeholders has shaped our services to deliver positive outcomes for our customers, colleagues and the communities we serve.

SEIS 2020/21 - Part 1
SEIS 2020/21 - Part 2
SEIS 2019/20 - Part 1
SEIS 2019/20 - Part 2
SEIS 2018/19
SEIS 2017/18

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