What has happened?

On Sunday 31st December 2023, Cadent attended an emergency situation in the Queensbury Way area of Widnes, Cheshire, when a vehicle collided into one of our governor stations - a small kiosk which manages gas pressures in the local area.


As a result of this collision, the governor immediately made it safe by cutting off the gas supply which has affected Cadent customers as well as those of independent gas transporter (IGT) GTC.


Engineers made the area safe, but there now follows the process of recommission and repressurise the local network which will take some time.  


What we are doing:

  • Governor restored following collision on New Year's Eve (COMPLETE)
  • Gas Engineers need to turn off the gas supply at the meter of all affected properties (COMPLETE)
  • Revisit properties to safely turn on the gas supply (COMPLETE)
  • Customer support team can be contacted on 0800 389 8000 or box.NWCustomer@cadentgas.com

Contact us

For support or further information, please call us:

   0345 835 1111