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    Teaching children about Carbon Monoxide

    Hopefully your child will have had a visit or is due a visit from Safety Seymour to their school or other organisation. Safety Seymour is a bear on a mission to educate the world on carbon monoxide (CO) and is starting at various schools up and down the country. We have now carried out Seymour sessions in over 850 classes and have educated many thousands of schools children aged between 6 and 8.

    Through various elements of the curriculum Seymour and our specialist training educational partner take children through a fun filled day learning all about carbon monoxide, the symptoms and the signs to look for as well as staying carbon monoxide safe. The day is fun filled and is largely based on drama, dance, science, art and PHSE. The activities range from taking children back to Victorian times to imagine life as a child chimney sweep all the way through to the effects of carbon monoxide on the human body.

    At the end of the day, children will take a small activity pack to be completed at home and also able to bring Seymour home for a visit. We also provide a CO alarm to ensure your homes remain safe from this silent killer.

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