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    CO Awareness initiative in schools

    We are on a mission with Safety Seymour to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide and to help keep your family safe.

    Safety Seymour – on a mission to raise awareness about carbon monoxide (CO)

    For the past 5 years, we have been delivering a Carbon Monoxide Awareness initiative in schools across the country to help raise awareness around carbon monoxide. It aims to help keep our homes safe. We have a fantastic opportunity for your school and in particular the Year 2 pupils, however pupils in the last term of year 1 or the first term of year 3 could also benefit. We would like to offer you a FREE half day activity session, exploring safety around carbon monoxide.


    Carbon monoxide is known as the hidden danger because we cannot see it, smell it or hear it. By working together helping to educate your pupils and in turn their families about the risks involved, we could save lives. We are able to provide a free activity session which will explore the theme, increase awareness and spread the safety message.

    How does it work?

    Well, initially we will agree a date that fits into your school calendar. You will then receive a preparation pack which will include a letter for parents to inform them about the initiative, some information about the space required and the timings of the session. These areas are flexible, as we recognise that schools have very busy schedules.

    What happens on the day

    Using our trained arts workers we encourage all children to get involved in a relaxed and friendly environment. We take the class on a journey from how carbon monoxide is created, the effects on the human body, what steps to take to avoid exposure , what the symptoms are and also how to stay CO safe.

    At the end of the day the children are able to take Seymour home for the evening/week to help with a treasure hunt for co dangers around their home and record it in their special journal!

    Safety is at the heart of everything Seymour does, so if you would prefer a virtual visit from Safety Seymour then please let us know. The session will still be delivered by one of our trained art workers and would be very similar to a school visit but just delivered virtually.

    If you would like Safety Seymour to visit your school then please get in touch using the form below.


    We've set up a dedicated page for resources for teachers, where you will be able to download all of our materials for our visit.

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