East of England Network


Our standard pricing apply to domestic properties. This includes a fixed standard charge, in addition to a charge per metre for the distance from your proposed meter location to the boundary of the property.

A 70% deduction is applied to the total rate per metre cost, if you opt to excavate on your private land.

For a ‘zero length’ request, i.e where there is no private land, only the fixed standard charge will apply.  

Fixed standard charge


Rate per metre [private land]


Cadent supplied Meter Box


Cadent supplied Kiosk


Pricing excludes VAT and some connections may be more complex and may require a bespoke quotation. We will discuss this with you where applicable. Please refer to our Connections Charging Statement for more information.

Financial support

Your personal circumstances may mean you qualify for a free or discounted connection and there are grants available to help you get connected. Click to find out more

Delivery Lead times

Once you have accepted and paid for your quote, we will offer you a delivery date for the works to be completed.

Current delivery time 5 weeks

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