Coronavirus – Keeping you Connected.

It is important to us to continue providing Connection Services, however we have had to tailor these services to meet government guidelines on social distancing to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our people, the public whilst keeping our promise to our customers.
We have implemented the following across our Customer initiated connection works to minimise the spread of coronavirus:
We are continuing to progress Domestic, Non Domestic and 3rd Party enquiries and quotations.

At this present time we are unable to take Domestic & Non Domestic applications through the online portal, and we have made alternative arrangements.  Please contact the Connections Team on 0800 0745 788 for assistance.

We are continuing to complete the works we have committed to, however we will contact you to confirm the works are still required.  No new works will be planned in at this present time.  Where the work requires entry to your premises (ie: service alteration / disconnection) the work will only be undertaken if the premises are occupied by vulnerable persons and a risk assessment allows safe working.

We are providing a tailored service for ‘urgent connections’ for new healthcare facilities to support the current COVID-19 NHS emergency plan, schools for frontline and critical workers and vulnerable persons. Please contact us if you need to make an application or accelerate works that fall within these categories.  

UIP / iGT connections - following acceptance of your planned connection date you will be able to proceed with your works for those not requiring Cadent resources based on your own risk assessment.

To minimise the spread of the virus our Connections teams are now working from home – please contact us using the below:

Domestic & Non Domestic Applications
Telephone: 0800 0745 788

Third Party – UIP / iGT
Telephone: 0845 3666758 (Option 3)
We will continue to review these arrangements based on the developing Government guidance.

We are committed to maintain the safety of our people, the public and keeping our promise to you our customers during these times.

Moving your gas meter

If you’re doing some building work or having trouble accessing your meter to take readings, you may decide that you need to move your gas meter. This is the type of job you probably wouldn’t know where to start with, but that’s fine. You shouldn’t be attempting to move your meter yourself as moving this is actually illegal and very dangerous. So, you’re probably wondering if your gas meter can be moved at all.

Don’t worry, here at Cadent we’re happy to help with moving your gas meter. Here’s all the information you need to know before getting started with an application for a quote and we can get to work moving your gas meter.

Can my gas meter be moved?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Your gas meter can be moved and Cadent can do that for you. As part of our service, we pride ourselves on aiming to exceed your expectations and provide a first-class service, from moving your gas meter to gas pipe alterations.
The logistics of moving your gas meter are probably not something you’ve ever had to consider before. You can rest assured Cadent will take you through every part of the process and ensure any questions you have are answered.

Is moving a gas meter outside possible?

If you have a gas meter that’s in a hard to reach position this can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if your energy supplier requires regular meter readings. Similarly, if you have a gas meter inside the home and are hoping to carry out some building work, such as remodelling or extension, moving your gas meter outside may be easier for you.

 How long does it take to move my gas meter?

We aim to complete all work at your property within 6-8 weeks of you accepting our quote. Naturally, this can be slowed down if there are any local authority restrictions, but we’ll always attempt to get the work done as quickly as possible.

As with any sort of work, it really depends on the specific scale of the job at your property. The length of the job will depend on where the meter is currently located and where you wish to move it to on the property. If the meter is moving from a difficult to access indoor location to somewhere outside the home, it can take a little longer.

However, if it’s a simple move of your gas meter outside the home, the actual job itself should only take a few hours.

What information do I need before moving my gas meter?

Before submitting an application to have a gas alteration, such as moving your gas meter, made on your property, we’ll need to know a few bits of information. These include:
  •  Full address of your property where you’d like the gas meter moving
  •  Your full name and telephone number
  • Distance of external pipework needed to move the gas meter from its current position to its new position
  • Distance of internal pipework needed to reconnect the gas boiler to the gas meter's new position (if you wish for us to reconnect the gas meter for you)

Approaching a job such as moving a gas meter can be a completely alien concept to many homeowners, but it doesn’t have to become a stressful event. Cadent are committed to helping this work go ahead as smoothly and easily as possible. We pride ourselves on offering first-rate customer service.

Do you have an alteration enquiry?

If you need to speak to the Connections Team, call 0800 0745 788.

We're here Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm, except for public holidays.