How to get connected 

You have decided you want to inject biomethane into the Cadent network. Please find below our eight key steps which will guide you through the connection process. 

These have been split into two key areas: 

The commercial element of the process is detailed in steps 1-4 below. Here you will find the guidance, and documents you will need to complete when you are progressing through each step.

Step 1 - Process

You complete our initial enquiry form providing the following key information:

  • site location
  • postcode
  • estimated flow rate - standard cubic meters per hour (scm/h) of biomethane for injection into the pipeline grid network

We perform a high level network analysis and mapping to assess whether a connection is possible.

We will talk to you about this once the Initial Enquiry has been completed.

There is no charge to you for this activity.

15 working days

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Customer Enquiry Form

Step 2 - Process

There are two types of Detailed Analysis Study (DAS); a Standard DAS and a Capacity Only DAS.

A Standard DAS will provide you with the following:

  • network entry connection options
  • indication of costs to connect
  • plant and equipment required to be provided by the customer
  • details of proposed site and pipeline route
  • network capacity flows, and constraints

A Capacity Only DAS, this will provide you with:

  • network entry connection options
  • estimate of the programme of works required to deliver a connection
  • other issues relevant to providing a connection

Details of where to send the DAS to are contained within the application form.


A Standard DAS costs £950 + VAT

A Capacity Only DAS costs £750 + VAT


Detailed Analysis Study 30 working days from receipt of payment

Following receipt of your signed agreement, you will be invoiced. Once we have received payment the study will be completed and issued within 30 working days.

The DAS is a snapshot of the network at the current time and is not a guarantee of gas flow as the dynamics of the gas distribution network are subject to change.

Once you have reviewed your study we can discuss the next steps with you or you can proceed to Application to Connect – Step 3, when you are ready.

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DAS form v4

Step 3 - Process

If you want to proceed to connection simply complete and submit an application to connect - the template can be found below.


There are no costs associated to this activity.


We will validate and acknowledge receipt of your application form within two working days.

 Application to Connect v7

 Customer Application Supplemental Information

Step 4 - Process

For all entry connections we will issue a connection offer that sets out both parties obligations for the onsite works associated with the installation of the injection facility and the physical entry connection onto the pipeline grid network. The connection offer is valid for 45 days.


There are no costs associated with us providing you with a connection offer


We aim to provide a Connection Offer within 2-3 weeks of reviewing your application.

Technical and Build - Steps 5 to 8 

You have completed the first four steps (Commercial Arrangements) in the process to getting connected and you now have a contractual agreement with us to inject biomethane into the network. The next 4 steps of the process are: 

5. Initial meetings are held to discuss your proposal in more detail 
6. We review and approve your design documents in order to allow works to begin 
7. Site testing and commissioning happens here 
8. Financial reconciliation and project close out. 

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