Biomethane is a renewable gas. It is made from biodegradable matter such as food waste, sewage or energy crops. It has a key role to play in a low carbon economy.

Britain has a comprehensive network of gas pipes reaching over 80 per cent of UK homes. We don't need to make any changes to appliances or the gas network to use biomethane. We want to increase the amount of renewable gas we have on our network. And we want to make it as simple as possible for producers to connect to our network.

Enquiry form

Use this form to find out whether there is sufficient capacity in the gas network where you intend to produce biomethane. More details on this initial step are available in our Commercial Arrangements section. 

Biomethane customer enquiry form

There are eight steps to getting connected.

  1. Make an initial enquiry about capacity at a specific location
  2. If there is enough capacity, a detailed analysis study is performed
  3. If you want to proceed, make an application to connect
  4. Sign a connection agreement and pay
  5. Attend an initial meeting to discuss your proposal in more detail
  6. We review and approve your design documents in order to allow works to begin
  7. Site testing and commissioning
  8. Financial reconciliation and project close out.

For more information, visit our Biomethane Capacity Enquiry page.

Case study

We have five biomethane projects with Severn Trent which produce biogas from sewage, food waste and crops. Martin Lightfoot, Renewable Energy Engineer at Severn Trent Water, provides an insight into these projects and his experience of the process.

View Severn Trent case study

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