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What is a GT1 survey?

A GT1 check will be required if you are moving into a new property or business premise where there is not currently a meter, if you are increasing your gas load or if you need to check what gas load your existing service pipe can provide. We will be able to confirm if your existing service is adequate for your required gas load or if you need to upgrade your service.

A GT1 check can also provide specific information to you such as;

  • The available amount of gas capacity in a service pipe
  • Pressure (low pressure (LP), medium pressure (MP), intermediate pressure (IP), and high pressure (HP))
  • Size of Emergency control Valve (ECV)

Get started

Here are the steps that we will take you through to get a Gas Transporter 1 (GT1) check completed. Don't worry, we’ll stay in touch along the way to make sure it's going smoothly and you’re happy with everything.
  • Submit your request

    Submit your request to networkstrategy.gt1andgt2@

  • Validation

    We will ensure we have the correct information to process your request. We may contact you if more detail is required.

  • Site visit

    We may need to visit your site to gather all relevant asset information and provide an accurate response.

  • Request Complete

    We aim to provide you with a response within 3 weeks.

Information you will need when applying for a GT1 request.

You can apply for a GT1 check by downloading the Energy Networks Association (ENA) request form from their website here and click on ‘Gas transporter documents’.
You will need to complete all of sections 1, 2 & 3 on page 1 of the form.
If you are acting on behalf of a client or an organisation, please provide the organisations name.

  • Requesters contact details and address
  • Name and address of the site where the work is intended (including post code or ordnance survey map grid reference number, i.e. easting and northing coordinates and site contact details where applicable)
  • When requesting pressure and / or capacity information, the Requester shall state the energy capacity that is required, as part of the minimum information
  • Where the Requester is aware of the status of the service pipe, confirmation of service pipe status found on site by Requester e.g. no gas at ECV, should be provided along with the request
  • The reference number appropriate to the particular GT
    • The Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) for an existing service pipe, where known, or
    • The GT’s Connection Quotation Reference Number for a planned service pipe.
You can use the UK Grid Reference Finder to find out the co-ordinates of your site
If you don’t know how much your maximum hourly gas load is likely to be you will need to consult a Gas Safe Register Engineer. This must be completed before submitting your request to us.
Please ensure you provide your MPRN, you can find it on your gas bill or if you haven’t got one you can contact your gas supplier who will be able to give it you. If you are unable to provide either a MPRN or a GT Quote Reference number you will need to request a live / dead check prior to submitting your GT1 Request
Please note we won’t be able to progress your request if any of the minimum information is missing.

What happens next?

Once your request has been validated we will contact you to arrange a site visit. These are in time slots of AM and PM appointments where a first call operative (FCO) will attend site and capture all the relevant details of your service. As it is an FCO that attends site please bear in mind if an emergency arises this will have to be attended prior to your site visit. In the unlikely event that your appointment is not attended on the day booked we will make contact to re-book this for you.
We’ll receive all the relevant details from the survey visit and then produce your response (sections 4 & 5 of the GT1 Request form). You should receive your response within 3 weeks (but timescales may vary).

More information

If you’d like more information about requesting a GT1 survey or are unsure whether you need one, you can speak to our Connections Team on 0800 0745 788 or email us at 

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