What has happened?

On Tuesday 30 January 2024, our teams were called to an incident in Ratby, Leicestershire. Water has entered our gas network and is blocking the flow of gas into local properties. Our priority right now is restoring the gas supply as quickly and safely as we can. 
Severn Trent Water have completed the repair on their burst water main.

What we are doing:

Here is the latest summary of what we are doing. 

Please note in all Zones we continue to visit homes where we haven't had access to switch the gas back on. Please do NOT attempt to do this yourself, we will keep trying until we get you in and, in the meantime, leave a note about how to get in touch with us.
Zone 4 – complete
Zone 3 – complete
Zone 2 – complete
Zone 1a – complete
Zone 1 - complete

At least 200 Cadent engineers and support staff are in the area today to support this incident. We will maintain this big presence for as long as this takes.   100,000 litres of water has been pumped from our gas pipes so far.

Contact us

For support or further information, please call us:

   0800 389 8000