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    Loss of gas - Ingham 10 Jul 2024 12: 30 PM
    • All our engineers carry ID badges.
    • Please check their ID before allowing anyone into your home

    07th August 2019

    Following the evacuation of your area due to concerns over Toddbrook dam, our engineers are visiting every home that was evacuated to check on your gas supply. If unfortunately, you were not at home when we called, please follow the advice below but if you have any concerns do contact us on 0800 389 8000. Cadent emergency engineers will visit every household where a customer in a vulnerable situation has been identified to check their gas supply and help them switch on their gas if necessary. All our engineers carry ID cards. Please check before allowing anyone into your home.

    If you didn’t turn off your gas supply before leaving your home, don’t worry – everything should be working fine. You can start using gas again in your property. 

    If you did turn off your gas supply, our engineers will be visiting every home to ensure gas supplies are switched back on safely.

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