Hydrogen Experience Centre now open in Whitby, Ellesmere Port

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  • Hydrogen Experience Centre opens on Monday 17 October
  • Cook a pancake or fry an egg on a 100% hydrogen fuelled hob
  • Pop in or book your one-to-one appointment at the centre to find out more
  • Book your free in-home hydrogen assessment
The North West’s first hydrogen demonstration facility open to the public is now welcoming local residents of Ellesmere Port – a major milestone in the UK journey to ‘net zero’.
It is hoped that around 2,000 homes in the Whitby area of the town will be the UK’s first ‘Hydrogen Village’. They will use 100% hydrogen for heating, cooking and hot water, instead of the natural gas they use now. Everything is on track for this to happen in 2025.
Cadent, British Gas and Cheshire West and Chester Council, the partners in this project, have now opened the Hydrogen Experience Centre, off McGarva Way, Whitby.
The facility is open for anyone to come ask questions, as well as see two boilers, fires, a hob and other common household appliances all fuelled by 100% hydrogen.
Customers within the area proposed for the Hydrogen Village can also book here an in-home assessment, which includes a free gas safety check of their existing appliances.
Climate Minister Graham Stuart said:
”Great that we’re all invited to Cadent’s hydrogen demonstration centre in Whitby – to see how hydrogen could be an energy source for homes. We want to know what the public think – so the UK decarbonises better and faster. We’re setting up lots of trials to find out hydrogen’s potential to provide heating – and get the public’s input.”
Marc Clarke, Head of Hydrogen Consumer at Cadent asked local residents:
“Come and talk to us. We want to tell you all about the project, show you the hydrogen gas appliances and answer your questions. 
“Why not have a go at cooking a pancake or get cosy in front of the 100% hydrogen gas fire.  If you have any questions about hydrogen, the Hydrogen Village project, or in-home assessments, come in and have a chat. We are more than happy to answer your questions.”
Jenny Luker, Head of Hydrogen for Homes Development, British Gas, said:
“Come and see how it feels to use hydrogen for cooking and heating your homes and businesses... it's surprisingly familiar. We really want to know what you think of this carbon-free fuel.”
There is a room displaying examples of the gas appliances and technologies that would be available in a world with hydrogen heating, including state-of-the-art hydrogen-ready boilers.
The establishment of the Hydrogen Experience Centre is expected to help increase knowledge of the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from heating, and the role that hydrogen can play in this.
The centre will be open on a drop-in basis - Monday to Friday, 8am-6.30pm and Saturday, 9.30am-3pm and will operate on a first come, first served basis. To guarantee a one-to-one appointment with our team, please book your slot by contacting us:
Email: hydrogenvillage@britishgas.co.uk
Call us: 0800 035 3371 (Freephone) Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and Saturday, 9am-3pm
The Hydrogen Experience Centre is located on McGarva Way, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, CH65 9AB.
We look forward to welcoming Whitby residents and businesses at the centre from Monday 17th October 2022.
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The Hydrogen Village programme

Energy regulator Ofgem and the Government will be asking one of the UK’s Gas Distribution Networks to show how to reduce emissions from heating, by supplying hydrogen through gas local pipes to around 2,000 properties.
This will happen for around two years, from 2025, and is a key milestone in the Government’s ‘10 point plan for a green industrial revolution’.
This ‘Hydrogen Village’ programme will follow on from the use of hydrogen gas in 300 houses in Fife, Scotland.
In consultation with Cheshire West & Chester Council, Cadent has identified an area within Whitby as an ideal location for the Hydrogen Village programme. This is due to Whitby’s closeness to Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, where low-carbon hydrogen will be produced from the mid-2020s.  We are also looking at other possibilities to deliver carbon free, green hydrogen to the village. 

At this stage of the Hydrogen Village programme, we are assessing a range of options and production methods for the supply of  hydrogen to the village – including green hydrogen. We are committed to there being a supply of low carbon hydrogen to the village.  

Up to 2,000 properties in an area of Whitby would be supplied with hydrogen from 2025, if the Hydrogen Village programme goes ahead locally. All residents of the identified area within Whitby have been written to.
Cadent and British Gas have started carrying out local surveys to understand how the ‘Hydrogen Village’ programme could be delivered within this area of Whitby. In 2023, after the surveys are completed, Ofgem will confirm whether the Hydrogen Village programme will take place within Whitby.


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