The CO Crew – spreading the word about carbon monoxide

The CO Crew are on a mission to protect our homes from carbon monoxide (CO)!

The CO Crew are recruiting new members to learn and share their knowledge on the dangers of CO! They take their innovative style and approach to learning to schools and homes up and down the country, helping us all to become more carbon monoxide aware. They teach us: how to stay safe, spot the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and what signs we should be looking for.
The CO Crew is a follow on from our hugely successful Safety Seymour scheme that has reached thousands of KS1 children and continues to grow. The crew target children in KS2 in Years 5 and 6. 

The session centres around Mimi and Loz, the two members of The CO Crew, who educate children in a fun and engaging way on the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to stay safe.

We’ll provide you with everything for a fun and engaging lesson and involves several areas of the curriculum including STEM, PSHE, Respiratory System, Gases and the Circulatory System.

Please register your interest below and we will get in touch to discuss your session.


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CO Crew - Interactive Online Learning for schools is totally free. The session is teacher led and can be tailored to last anything between 1 hour and 3 hours. The session focuses on educating children in a fun and engaging way on the dangers of carbon monoxide, what the symptoms are and how to stay safe. 

CO initiative for schools


Hopefully your child will have had a virtual visit or is due a visit from The CO Crew to their school or other organisation. The CO Crew are on a mission to educate the world on carbon monoxide (CO) and is starting at various schools up and down the country


CO initiative for parents

CO Safety competition

We’re looking for young artists to help us spread the word on the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), the silent killer.

We are looking for entries from children aged between 5 and 11 in any form of media that are informative and accurate in warning of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisonin

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