How do we teach children about Carbon Monoxide?

We know the importance of everyone knowing the signs of a carbon monoxide leak and what to do if you suspect a carbon monoxide leak in the home. This doesn’t just apply to adults; we’re also on a mission to educate our nation’s children and help them understand the risks posed by carbon monoxide (CO).

Since we launched the programme, with Safety Seymour in 2014, we have educated over 60,000 school children, and now consists of three programmes which explore carbon monoxide safety in a fun and engaging way.

We have two classroom-based sessions:

Safety Seymour, who is a bear on a mission to teach children in years 2 and 3 on how we can protect ourselves and our homes from carbon monoxide.

Safety Seymour is supported on his mission to raise awareness of CO by The CO Crew, who are a crew that helps educate children in years 5 and 6 children.

We now also offer our new fun and engaging 15 minute CO awareness film for years 1 to 6. Designed to be shown as part of a school assembly, it features Safety Seymour and The CO Crew who introduce the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to keep safe and is a great lead into the classroom-based sessions.

These different programmes can be booked individually or together as a school package.

We also run an annual CO Safety competition where children aged between 5 and 11 are asked to create a piece of media, in any format, warning of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.

More information

CO Safety School Assembly


Our CO safety school assembly film is suitable for the whole school and is designed to give your pupils an introduction to carbon monoxide.

For years 1 to 6

Safety Seymour

safety-seymour-classroom.jpgSafety Seymour is a cuddly caped crusader, a bear on a mission to educate children on how we can protect ourselves and our homes from carbon monoxide (CO)!

For years 2 and 3

The CO Crew


The CO Crew are here to spread the word about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Looking at how to stay safe, the symptoms of poisoning and what signs we should be looking for.

For years 5 and 6