Innovation field trials in East of England

Looking to a green future

We’re looking at ways to deliver more green gas for customers. Green gases are created from biodegradable materials (like farm waste) and are already used by customers in the same way as traditional fossil fuel gas. They help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

About the field trials

To help us find out more about green gas, we are carrying out field trials in the East of England. These field trials involve installing some temporary monitoring equipment on the gas pipeline network in Cambridgeshire.

The new monitoring stations (green street cabinets) will tell us important information about the green gas that is flowing through the pipes from a local gas producer. They will tell us how much green gas is coming through the pipes, and how far it is travelling all throughout the year. The cabinets will be in place from Summer 2018 until Spring/Summer 2020.
This will not affect your gas supply.

What will I see?

You might spot some new green cabinets on roadsides around Cambridgeshire. The installations have been designed, tested and installed to meet safety and planning regulations.

Find out more

You can find out more about our innovation project by heading over to its dedicated website here.

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