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    Loss of gas - Ingham 10 Jul 2024 12: 30 PM

    Hello friends!

    My name is Ted and I work at Cadent as an engineer. My job is to spread the message about the national gas emergency number and how important it is to be safe around gas.

    Did you know that gas can be harmful if it leaks? Not to worry! I have created an activity booklet which will explain what gas is and what you can do if you think you can smell it. PSST… it smells like rotten eggs!

    Check out my activity booklet below which includes lots of fun games including a wordsearch, crossword, spot the difference, colouring in and much more!

    If you have already completed the booklet, you can check your answers here too. I hope you enjoy the activities. Once you become a gas safety expert, make sure to share your knowledge with your family and friends.

    Keep safe!

    Find out about gas safety!
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