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We are currently experiencing issues with taking payments. We are working on getting this resolved, in due course if you wish to make payment, please call us on 0800 074 5788 we can take your details and arrange a call back once our systems are back up. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


We provide our disconnection service to customers living within the East of England, North London, North West and the West Midlands. 

Cadent offer a gas disconnection service, and we understand the importance of making this process as straightforward as possible.

We recognise there are various reasons you may need your gas disconnected. This could range from simply no longer requiring gas, through to a property being demolished. Whatever your need for a disconnection, we have a helpful, friendly and knowledgeable team, who are passionate about helping you and providing you with services that meet your needs - That's what we get excited about!

Our customers are at the heart of our services and we always aim to exceed your expectations, so that you are completely satisfied.
Thank you for considering Cadent to provide this service for you.

Before you begin

Checklist of information to have to hand before you begin your application

  • Full address of the property where the work is needed
  • Diameter of the gas pipe being disconnected (if you know this, if not don’t worry, we can help)

What's involved?

  • Apply online or over the phone
  • We'll call you to discuss your application in more detail with you
  • You pay for the work online or over the phone
  • We may need to survey the site
  • You'll be provided with a date for us to carry out the work
  • We’ll give you a call to make sure you’re ready for the work to start
  • Work begins at site
  • We tidy up and fill any holes in the ground
  • We’ll call to check you’re happy with everything

Did you know we offer free installation of locking cooker valves to gas cookers or hobs?

These simple safety devices can help put extra safeguarding in place for someone living with learning disabilities or dementia retain their independence and remaining safe in their own home,  providing peace of mind and reassurance to family, friends and carers.
The valve can easily be turned off and on and locked by the carer. When the valve is locked, the gas supply is isolated which means if the cooker is unintentionally turned on or left on when you are out of the room, there is no risk of gas escaping.

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As soon as you’ve accepted our quote and paid for the service our delivery team will begin planning your work, and works will be completed in approximately 6-8 weeks. We will always offer the earliest date available.
Local authority restrictions can sometimes apply in certain areas or we may require road traffic management permissions, which can sometimes impact delivery timescales. If this is the case for your works, we’ll make sure we keep you informed.


Document Library

For additional forms, charging statements and terms and conditions, view our document library.


Do you know...

We offer a free and voluntary support system to our most vulnerable customers?
The signs and symptoms of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning?
There are alternative companies to Cadent that can be used to either make a new connection alter existing pipework or disconnect services?

Do you have a disconnection enquiry?

If you need to speak to the Connections Team, call 0800 0745 788.

We're here Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm, except for public holidays.