8 steps to get connected

8 steps to get the work done

There are eight simple steps to get the work done whether you are applying for a new connection, an alteration or a disconnection online.

Current waiting time for a gas connection is 6-8 weeks from the date we receive a payment and acceptance. We will always try to offer the earliest date available, if traffic management or other restrictions apply in your area this may increase waiting times.


What would you like to do?

I want to apply for a

​8 steps new gas connection


This service provides a gas connection to existing and new build properties.

I want to apply for a

alteration to existing gas connection


If you are renovating or extending a property you may need to change the position of your meter and gas pipes.

I want to apply for a

disconnect gas connection


This service disconnects a property to permanently stop the flow of gas into a property.

The 8 steps

Get started

  • Apply online for a gas Connection, Alteration or Disconnection
  • We'll provide a guide price (an estimate of costs); you don't pay for anything at this stage

Talk over the detail

  • We’ll call you to discuss your application in more detail
  • During the call, we’ll also give you a firm price quote
  • You can choose to accept the quote to complete your application

Pay for the work

  • You’ll need to pay for the work in full at this point
  • The quickest and easiest way is to pay online or over the phone

Survey the site

  • A surveyor will call and arrange a convenient survey date and time
  • The surveyor will explain how the works will be completed and what you can expect
  • During the survey you will also agree a date for the work to begin

Pre-work check

  • Your surveyor may call you a few days before the start date of your work. This is to confirm you are ready for us to begin work
  • Our admin team will also check with the local authorities that we have permission to begin digging

Work begins

  • We’ll arrive on the date agreed between 8am – 5pm
  • Our qualified engineering team will begin work, making sure they work safely

Tidy up

  • Within five days of the engineering work being completed, a specialist team will arrive to fill any holes and resurface the ground, e.g. Tarmac, block paving
  • Our sign and barrier providers will come and collect any equipment on public or private land

Final check

  • Your surveyor will call and confirm you are happy with everything
  • You may receive a customer satisfaction survey by post, which we’d encourage you to complete, so we can continue to improve our service

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