Open Data Triage Process

The purpose of the triage process is to determine if the data can be shared with users with or without any restrictions. We recognise below three categories of classification:

  • Open - Data Assets that can be freely shared with Data Users without any restrictions.
  • Shared - Data Assets that contain sensitive information and cannot be shared without any restrictions. 
  • Closed- Data Assets that Cadent is not able to share with anyone due to regulatory or legal reasons.

The assessment of the Data Asset to arrive at the above classification involves answering following questions:

  1. Does the data contain Personally Identifiable Information such as name, address, phone number etc.?
  2. Does the data contain information that will lead to security risks for Cadent?
  3. Does the data contain information that raises a legislative issue Cadent?
  4. Does the data contain information that raises business or commercial risks for Cadent
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