Important customer notice

Receipt of electrical appliance

As part of the gas work we are carrying out in your area, we have to interrupt your gas supply for a short time. We are sorry we need to do this, but are pleased to gift you this electrical appliance. 

We have explained how it should be used and have made you aware of the contents of this notice. The safe and compliant use of this appliance, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, is now your responsibility. By accepting it, you are acknowledging this and confirming you are 18 years old or over. We have recorded the relevant product details on our system. Please note that this appliance is for indoor, domestic use, and is only intended for the household to which it was supplied.

If you have any concerns about our work, the time you are off gas, or this appliance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team on 0800 085 4478. Alternatively, you can email them:

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