Energy Exchange offer


Three great reasons to change from gas to electricity for your cooking

Money off your energy costs

If you switch from gas to electricity for cooking, you won’t have to pay your gas standing charge anymore. Which means you could save around £90 per year* on your energy bill.

*Based upon available gas tariffs as at June 2018.

Keep your energy supply on

The gas pipes in your building will need to be replaced in the future, which means you could be without your gas supply for cooking for quite a long time.

But if you switch to electricity, your energy supply will continue to flow uninterrupted. 

Receive compensation

You’ll receive financial compensation if you agree to change from gas to electricity for your cooking. The compensation is both for the inconvenience caused, and to cover the costs of buying and installing a new electric cooker. Time to start trying out some new recipes!

Frequently asked questions

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What happens if other residents don’t agree to having their supply removed?
When will I receive the compensation?
When will my gas supply be removed?
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