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​Are our gas mains replacement or emergency works affecting your...

gas works in your street affecting your home


We look after the pipes that bring gas to your home. It's our job to fix leaks, make sure everything is running as it should and connect new homes to the network.

  • If you have suddenly lost gas to your home, our incidents page will help.
  • If you smell gas, phone 0800 111 999. If our engineer has already visited and you want to know what happens next, visit our gas emergency pages.
  • If your home is affected by our mains replacement, check out our dedicated website,
  • If there is someone you know who is affected and are unable to call us, find out how you can call us on their behalf.
gas works in your street affecting your business


Our work may affect your business in several ways:

  • bus stops can be moved,
  • there may be holes in the pavement,
  • your gas could be turned off
  • our barriers may restrict deliveries.

We will always do our best to make sure our work doesn't affect your customers. However, if our work is to replace and upgrade old pipes, you could be eligible for compensation.