Gas Pipe Upgrades

Beneath your feet runs a network of pipes that bring gas to homes and businesses. It's our job to maintain and strengthen these pipes, so gas keeps flowing safely and securely.

This includes:

  • Emergency repairs to leaks
  • Replacing old pipe with better longer-lasting pipe
  • Connecting homes and business to the gas network

To do this vital work, you will often see us working in your street.

Are our gas pipe improvements or emergency works affecting your...


pipeworks affecting your home

We look after the pipes that bring gas to your home. It's our job to fix leaks, make sure everything is running as it should and connect new homes to the network.

  • If you have suddenly lost gas to your home, checkout our incidents page before calling us.
  • If you smell gas, phone 0800 111 999. If our engineer has already visited and you want to know what happens next, visit our Gas Emergency pages
  • If your home is affected by our mains replacement, check out our dedicated website,
  • If there is someone you know who is affected and are unable to call us, find out how you can call us on their behalf.


Our work may affect your business in several ways:

  • bus stops can be moved,
  • there may be holes in the pavement,
  • your gas could be turned off
  • our barriers may restrict deliveries.

We will always do our best to make sure our work doesn't affect your customers. However, if our work has taken more than 28 days to complete, you could be eligible for compensation.


pipeworks - is your commute affected?

If we are carrying out works in your street, we understand that your commute may be affected.

To find out what works we are carrying out or to register to receive alerts about these works visit our 'Works in your street' page.

Help and advice

  • I wasn't in when you called to turn on my gas, what do I do?

    There should have been a card left for you with a number to call to arrange for an appointment to come and turn your gas back on.

    It could be that the fitters are still in your local area, so if you see them in the street you can arrange it with them directly.

    If you can't find the card with the direct number, call our enquiry line on 0845 835 1111 (this call will cost 7 per minute plus your phone company's access charge) and we'll get someone to call you to arrange an appointment.

  • You've left and I still have holes in my garden!

    Don't worry, if we've been to carry out work on your pipes we have a commitment to fill holes and return the paths and driveways on your property back to normal within five working days of your gas going back on.

    We will do this in stages, so that each layer of soil or material has time to settle properly which means it may not be possible to do this all in one day. But we will keep coming back until it's done.

    If you have a path or driveway made of specialist or hard-to-source materials, such as printed concrete, this may take slightly longer. We may also need to keep the holes in the street open for longer while we carry out work on other homes.

    We will be in touch to discuss this with you. However, if it is longer than five working days, please call the number on the letters you have received or email

  • You said you were coming to turn on my gas tonight, where are you?

    We have to go into all the homes and test all the gas appliances to check they're safe when turning the gas back on. Our fitters work well into the evening and it could be as late as 8pm when you get a visit.

    If you haven't heard anything by 7:30pm, call the number on the letters or cards you've had about the work.

  • You've all gone home and I have no gas

    We have different teams, with different skills, doing different parts of the work. The team doing the pipework may have left because their part of the job is done, but the fitters who reconnect the gas are likely to still be in homes, safely turning the gas back on and checking gas appliances. They work up to as late as 8pm.

    If you still haven't had a visit by 7:30pm, call the number on the card or letters that you've already received about the mains replacement to arrange an appointment.

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