Meet Cadent’s Q: The story of how Cadent equips its workforce with the latest gas related gadgets

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The Secret agents and superheroes of action movies and comic books rely on backroom boffins and ingenious inventors to supply them with gadgets and gizmos to fight supervillains. Here’s the real life story of how Cadent’s very own ‘Q’ branch helps develop the latest innovations to help deal with gas emergencies.
Name: Rebecca Payne
Job Title: Innovation Project Manager, East of England
Job Description: Helping develop innovative technologies, tools and equipment for use in the gas emergency service to enable smarter and less disruptive ways of working.
Sum up what you do: We’re at the forefront of Cadent’s innovation work to develop new products. Our gas network is often beneath busy roads and pavements running through already congested urban areas, so any work to it can be disruptive for the public. We work to develop new products which will enable our staff to keep the gas flowing in ways which are smarter and less disruptive. This in turn benefits the public as the more we innovate the less inconvenience they are likely to experience.
How do you come up with innovations? First of we’ll talk to our field force to find out what they need and discuss any ideas they may have for innovations. We’ll also run problem solving exercises and engage with suppliers. We’ll then do a ‘deep dive’ to examine the issues in detail and how innovation could help. We can then work with the supply chain, our partners at the EIC (Energy Innovation Centre) along with innovators and relevant business representatives to look at developing solutions. There may be a product which is market ready or one which needs further development, or we may be dealing with an entirely new concept. Once we’re on board with a project we will look at how we can support it with trials and funding.
How do you decide which innovations to develop? Our teams have focus areas which we work on to identify issues. What we take forward will be depend on our analysis and the funding options available. The  proactive focus for us in the East Region this year is keeping the gas flowing, repairing PE (polyethylene) pipe and digging smaller holes. Ongoing things we’re working on include reducing the risk of accidentally hitting cables while excavating and looking for market ready solutions to support safe digging.
Any notable successes?
Recent examples would be our Top-Tee Siphon Adaptor (TTSA) which provides a quick and easy way to siphon water out of gas pipes , the Bonded Saddle which gives quick and easy access to large diameter gas mains and Serviboost™ which boosts low gas pressures to maintain supplies. These innovations help maintain safe and reliable gas supplies and reduce disruption and all three of them were nominated for awards.
We’ve also been working with Cadent’s official charity Alzheimer’s Society and the EIC and we have held an interactive event to encourage innovation. There was a great response to this and as a result we have some great potential new products in the pipeline.
Would you recommend the job?
Definitely. It’s exciting to be at the cutting edge of innovation. There’s a lot of variety and you get to work with all manner of people from engineers, to innovators and charities and businesses. It’s a very rewarding job and it’s always great to see a product you’ve helped develop make a positive difference to people’s lives.


Cadent is the UK’s largest gas distribution network with a 200-year legacy.  We are in a unique position to build on strong foundations whilst encouraging the curiosity to think differently and the courage to embrace change.  Day to day we continue to operate, maintain and innovate the UK’s largest gas network, transporting gas safely and protecting people in an emergency.   Our skilled engineers and specialists remain committed to the communities we serve, working day and night to ensure gas reaches 11 million homes from Cumbria to North London and the Welsh Borders to East Anglia, to keep your energy flowing. 

Future of Gas: Here at Cadent we support the Government’s plans to reach Net Zero by 2050. That means we’re backing the introduction of hydrogen as a low carbon alternative to natural gas for the future. We know people love the controllability of gas and, with our network already in place, it makes sense to switch to the lower carbon alternative offered by hydrogen, which we believe can keep homes and businesses warm for generations to come.

Cadent manages the national gas emergency service free phone line on behalf of the gas industry - 0800 111 999*

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