Cadent staff in Hinckley handle deluge of calls as ‘beast from the east’ brings winter blast

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  • Cold snap sees National Gas Emergency Service receive largest number of calls in one day
  • Reminder to only call 0800 111 999* if a gas escape or carbon monoxide leak is suspected
  • The service provides 24-7 cover to maintain safe and reliable gas supplies in all weathers
Staff at Hinckley-based gas network Cadent dealt with a record number of calls from the public after the coldest snap for five years.
A blast of Siberian winter weather – dubbed the ‘beast from the east’ - saw temperatures plummet last week. As snow piled up, calls to the National Gas Emergency Service, operated by Cadent, rocketed.
On Thursday (1 March) staff dealt with 42,000 calls – more than double the previous record of 18,000 in one day in December 2010. On Friday, the service received 27,000 calls, gradually dropping to 10,000 calls on Saturday and 4,700 on a Sunday – still double the normal call volumes for a Sunday.
The National Gas Emergency Service number 0800 111 999* is a 24-hour service for anyone to report a suspected gas escape or carbon monoxide leak. But many calls were from people experiencing other problems such as broken boilers or no central heating or hot water.
Mark Belmega, head of customer performance at Cadent, said: “Our people rose to the occasion magnificently. Not only did our Customer Centre employees put in extra hours but we also drafted in trained staff from across the business, who put their day-jobs on hold to man the phones.
“It is very important people call 0800 111 999* only if they suspect a gas escape or carbon monoxide leak.
“If you have a broken down boiler or a problem with other gas appliances you should call your service contract provider directly or their gas supplier. Alternatively, call a Gas Safe registered engineer to fix the appliance problem.  They should call the Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 to find a local engineer or visit”
Those with frozen condensate pipes from a boiler can follow these guidelines to resolve the issue:
  • To thaw frozen boiler pipes, hold a hot water bottle, or heat wrap, around the pipe.
  • Alternatively, pour hot, NOT boiling, water over the frozen end of the pipe.
  • If the boiler fires up, it’s fixed. If it doesn’t, then pour hot water on the pipe again. If your pipes are still frozen, call your supplier.
 Work on gas appliances should only be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, to find one in your area call 0800 408 5500 or visit:
Suspected gas escapes or carbon monoxide leaks should be reported on 0800 111 999* (*All calls to the National Gas Emergency Service are recorded and may monitored)
For more on what to do in the event of a suspected gas escape or carbon monoxide leak visit


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Cadent manages the national gas emergency service free phone line on behalf of the gas industry - 0800 111 999*

Cadent Gas Ltd is owned by a consortium of global investors.

*All calls are recorded and may be monitored.

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