Vincent's adoption journey - Pride Month, week 2

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It’s week 2 of Pride Month 2021, and we’re delving into the topic of adoption. 

The decision whether to have children is a very personal one. For members of the LGBTQ+ community, deciding how to have children can be just as hard a decision. 

Not only are members of the community sometimes judged for being in a same sex relationship or transitioning through genders, but there can be a stigma attached to the decision to have children outside of the traditional “mother and father” nuclear family approach.

We spoke to Cadent employee Vincent, who shares his personal experiences of adopting a child.

Vincent’s story

“Just over fifty years ago, I would have been arrested in the UK for promoting the fact I was a gay male. Back then, it was inconceivable to think that gay people had the right to love, cohabit or even publicly show affection to anyone of the same sex.

Can you even begin to imagine the consequences of same-sex couples or single gay people being given the right to care for or adopt children who needed the two fundamental needs of all human beings: to be loved, and cared for? It was a reality far from anyone’s mind at that time.

Fast forward to the present day, and those identifying as LGBTQ+ now have the opportunity to realise the desire of many human beings on this planet – to be a carer or parent to a child who needs stability and love. It is thanks to many people before my time who fought for the right of equality that allowed me, a 35-year-old single gay male, to start my journey to care for an amazing baby boy whilst building a career for myself. 

There was always a worry when I started this journey that employers would view me less favourably for any promotion opportunities given the fact I was on my own with my adopted son. That, coupled with being a gay male, had me believe that my desire to succeed professionally would be hindered massively by my want to be a parent. 

However since joining Cadent, nothing could be further from my belief. I have never felt more supported in a career. Time is given for me to do nursery drop-offs and pick-ups, and I have been offered opportunities that champion my professional ability rather than question my ability given I juggle single family life with a busy professional life. It is inspiring to see conversations starting to take place around diversity and inclusion, and with the right approach and education, we can move forward to be an employer where uniqueness is celebrated which will remove the fear of staying hidden for fear of rejection. Change is possible.”

Pride at Cadent

We have an established internal Pride at Work community, which is central to our commitment to support LGBTQ+ colleagues, customers and stakeholders. We have increased the visibility of Pride at Work through written content and live virtual ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, ensuring that the LGBTQ+ community’s voice is heard throughout our organisation. We have also invested in trans awareness training, to educate colleagues about how best to support the trans community. Look out for our continued content and insights during Pride Month 2021, and our very first Pride festival attendance later in the year.

Diversity and Inclusion at Cadent:
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