#OurLockdownStory: £1.3m investment helps 650 fuel poor homes


  • Keeping safety as top priority, our commitment to support fuel poor homes has continued through lockdown, connecting almost 650 into our gas network 

  • This represents £1.3m investment in projects in Lancashire, Merseyside, the Midlands, South Yorkshire and other counties across our four regional networks 

  • Our partner Affordable Warmth Solutions explains here how they adapted to COVID-19 restrictions to keep this essential programme safely on track 

Hundreds of homes have been connected to the gas grid for the very first time, as a Cadent-funded project to help fuel poor homes continued safely through lockdown. 

Keeping a safe distance from customers and the public, contractors working for our partner Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS) successfully installed external gas mains infrastructure and new gas services that are set to make a huge difference to residents in almost 650 properties. 

Projects large and small, representing investment of around £1.3m, were completed in lockdown – in Preston, Liverpool, Bloxwich, Kidderminster, Oldbury, Ullesthorpe and Doncaster.  

As restrictions ease, and only when it is safe for engineers to again start entering properties, AWS will provide financial support for these homes to be installed with modern, fuel efficient and more cost-effective heating systems. All of this comes at nil cost to the residents.

Adapting quickly to COVID-19 safety measures

“We’d already started many of these projects, so we had to adapt quickly to the emerging situation and introduce extra COVID-19 safety measures for our teams, our contractors and the public,” said Jeremy Nesbitt, managing director, AWS.  

“Connecting people to the gas grid and providing them with new heating systems is one of the most cost-effective ways of dealing with fuel poverty and makes a huge difference to quality of life and health.” 

Through the Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme, Cadent pays for the installation of the new gas mains and service pipes associated with these projects, while funding sources such as the Warm Homes Fund helps pay for the new central heating. 

What is fuel poverty? 

In England, a household is considered to be fuel poor if 

  • they have required fuel costs that are above average (the national median level), and 

  • were they to spend that amount, they would be left with residual income below the official poverty line 

According to gov.uk, there are three important elements when determining whether a household is fuel poor: household income, household energy requirements or fuel prices.

More information of free or discounted gas connections 

How we’ve kept gas flowing, supported the UK Government Covid-19 emergency response, looked after our customers, looked after ourselves, and focussed on our future energy needs – this is #OurLockdownStory. Follow our social media channels and this page of our website www.cadentgas.com/ourlockdownstory for more in this special series showcasing the amazing achievements of Cadent’s #keyworkers


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