Safety upgrade for Grimsby gas pipes

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  • Essential maintenance work on Grimsby’s gas pipes
  • Road and lane closures needed to keep people safe
  • Work to take place in school holidays to reduce inconvenience
 Essential maintenance work to safeguard Grimsby’s gas network is due to start in February.

Local gas network Cadent will be checking valves and renewing fittings on pipes in Weelsby Road and Hainton Avenue. Work will take place in three locations – the junction of Hainton Avenue and Granville Street; the junction of A46 Weelsby Road and Hainton Avenue; and in Weelsby Road, just west of the junction with Hainton Avenue.

Temporary traffic lights, road closures and lane closures will be needed to keep people safe while the work is under way. The first stage of the work will happen during February half-term week, from 10 to 18 February, in the junction of Hainton Avenue and Granville Street.

Cadent Network Supervisor John Dixon explained: “The gas pipes beneath the streets of Grimsby deliver gas safely, day and night, so people can heat their homes and fuel their businesses.

“We have valves on these pipes so that we can lower the pressures or stop the flow of gas if there is an emergency, such as a major gas leak. This work will make sure that we keep these valves in good working order and maintain a safe network.

“Unfortunately all these valves are under busy roads. To minimise the inconvenience the work will take place in the February half-term and Easter holidays. We’ll also be using new technology to speed up the work. A vacuum excavator will suck the ground out of our excavations, which is quicker than digging.”

Junction of Hainton Avenue and Granville Street (10 to 18 February)
To minimise inconvenience this work will take place during February half-term. The valve is in the centre of the junction. To carry out the work safely, the following road closures will be in place:
  • Hainton Avenue will be closed to through traffic from Wellholme Road to Patrick Street.
  • Granville Street will be closed between Heneage Road and Hainton Avenue and there will be no access from Granville Street into Hainton Avenue.
  • Vehicle access will be maintained for residents within the road closure at all times
  • There will be a diversion for through traffic route via Wellholme Road, Peaks Parkway and Weelsby Road.
 Junction of Weelsby Road and Hainton Avenue (31 March to 7 April)
 To minimise disruption this work will take place during the Easter holidays.
  • The existing traffic lights will be replaced with temporary traffic lights, which will be manned 24 hours a day
  • The eastbound lane of Weelsby Road will be closed near the junction with Hainton Avenue
  • The pedestrian crossing in Weelsby Road will be temporarily removed and replaced with a temporary crossing.
Weelsby Road (just west of the junction with Hainton Avenue) (7- 15 April)
This will take place in the second week of the Easter holidays. Work will be taking place in the road but no temporary traffic lights or other traffic management measures will be needed.

People can get updates and find out more information on Facebook – If people have any queries or concerns they can also contact Cadent’s customer service team on 0345 835 1111.


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