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Sep 05 2009

TV soap star backs National Grid's gas safety campaign for students

The housewives' heart-throb is also a cult figure among students, many of whom see Dr Kennedy as a father figure who dispenses sound advice to many of Neighbours' teenage characters.


Jul 16 2009

Delivering gas to Rossendale

The company, which is the UK's largest utility, already supplies around 26,000 homes and businesses in the Rossendale Valley but more and more developments are clamouring for connection to the...

Jul 16 2009

National Grid Urges Children to Play Safe

"Harry Buchanan, operations manager, said: "The aim of the 'Play Safe, Stay Safe' campaign is to remind children, for their own safety, that areas where people are working are not...

Jan 07 2009

National Grid Says 'Thank You' to the People of Rossendale

Homes across the Rossendale Valley lost their supply on 22 December after gas caught fire during repair work on a 500mm medium pressure main in Rawtenstall, Rossendale in Lancashire.