Using hydrogen to remove CO2 from the gas network

The UK needs to find a way to reduce or completely remove the carbon dioxide in its gas distribution networks. At the same time, we continue to need power for the industries on which our economy relies.  

Cadent and our partners Progressive Energy Ltd came up with the concept of producing hydrogen locally in the Liverpool-Manchester area, using it with industries such as Pilkington Glass and heating 2 million homes in the area.  This would use a process called steam methane reforming to convert natural gas into clean-burning hydrogen gas.  The CO2 stored in the natural gas would then be stored in offshore gas reservoirs that are no longer used.

We call this concept HyNet.

Real progress

Our original concept won many supporters, including regional government in Liverpool-Manchester and the North West Hydrogen Alliance, which includes many major industry figures from the region.  

HyNet has now been adopted as the blueprint for a greener North West, which retains its vital industry. Two projects from the HyNet Consortium recently won millions of pounds in funding to make them a reality:
  1.  Producing hydrogen using carbon capture
  2. Testing hydrogen with a major industrial partner
These projects are a massive step forward for HyNet and for North West industries keen to play their part in reducing CO2 emissions.