Innovation is about doing things differently to benefit our customers and improve our efficiency. By embracing innovation, we can find the most up-to-date tools and techniques to keep the gas flowing.

We take tools and ideas from initial concept through feasibility testing, and all the way to field trial to ensure they are fit for purpose to be used on our network.
Our innovation projects will ensure we are ready to take our customers into a low carbon energy future in a safe, secure and affordable way.

How we innovate

Day-to-day operations
We’re embracing new tools and techniques to transform the way we run our day-to-day operations.

Gas mains replacement

We’re exploring new and more effective ways to upgrade our existing gas infrastructure, minimising disruption to our customers.

The future role of gas
We’re exploring how the gas network can deliver blended hydrogen for domestic heat and cooking, and how we can adapt our existing gas infrastructure to deliver hydrogen for industry and transport.

The gas industry working together

We work collaboratively with the other gas distribution networks on individual projects and share learning from all of our projects.

Working together helps customers benefit from the sharing of effective new ways of working and future technology.

We work in partnership with the Energy Innovation Centre to bring forward new innovations and technologies from small to medium enterprises from around the world that could potentially be applied to the gas network.

The Gas Network Innovation Strategy has been developed by all of the gas distribution networks.  It is designed to bring together all of the most important challenges and opportunities facing the GB gas transmission and distribution networks.

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