Harpurhey, Manchester

Start date: August 2021
Duration: 22 weeks 

Upgrading gas pipes

Cadent manages the local underground gas network in the area. Some of the pipes here are more than 60 years old and need to be replaced to make sure gas continues to flow safely.

Our engineers began work on this major Harpurhey project in August and are on track to finish in December.
We’re investing more than £600,000 to ensure homes can receive gas safely, for heat, hot water and cooking. We’re replacing almost 4,500 metres of pipes – that’s the same length as more than 34 football pitches, or 28 times the height of Blackpool Tower.

This is a major job, which involves us decommissioning the old pipes and installing new ones. It’s all part of a 30-year, UK-wide programme of work which began at the start of this century. You’ll find details of the rest of this year’s North West programme here.

There is no cost involved to you. In some situations, we may need to access your home to install a new pipe from the big main in the road to your gas meter. We’ll explain all this in letters and, in many cases, when we call at your home to discuss it all with you.

Watch our video to find out how we replace the pipes in your area 


What you need to do

If you are going to be one of the properties directly impacted, Cadent will send information by letter to give you advance notice.

If we need to switch off your supply to carry out the work, it will be during the daytime only and will be put back on the same day it goes off.

Cadent will arrange for a qualified engineer to do this and check everything is working safely. There is no cost to you.
Where we’ll be working

Your water and gas pipes, as well as electric and telecoms cables, mostly run underneath footpaths and roads. This means utility companies need to introduce temporary traffic management, to maintain a safe work space for our teams and keep motorists safe too.

We work closely with the local highways authority and this webpage is updated regularly to explain where we are working and how long for. https://one.network/

These are the roads involved in this Harpurhey project. Watch out for those letters we’ll send, which will give you more information on when we’ll be in your road.

If you have any concerns

Please tell us if you have any concerns, or if you need to let us know about any special things we need to consider (for example, if you’re worried about not having gas for up to a day).

Let us know and we will do everything we can to put you at ease and help.

If you smell gas

Alongside the upgrade works, routine maintenance and repair jobs, as well as the necessary fast response to emergencies and reports of smells of gas will also continue to take place. If you ever smell gas, call 0800 111 999 immediately, day or night. Do not delay, or assume it is related to nearby works. It may not be and needs to be checked.