Ugg Mere

We are improving a gas pipeline in your area.

We are undertaking a vital maintenance project for the protection of the gas network in your area.

This project will ensure residents, schools, hospitals, and businesses can continue to enjoy safe and reliable gas supplies for decades to come.

The works will start on Monday 7th March 2022 and will last approximately 26 weeks.

There will be no impact to your gas supply.

We have taken several measures to limit the impact this project will have on the local area, these include:

  • Following community feedback, we have revised the traffic management in line with the programme of the works to limit disruption.
  • We have worked closely with the local highway authority and all diversions will be signposted and residents notified of them in advance
  • There will be additional signage on the diversion route and traffic cones set out to discourage illegal parking along the route
  • During the installation of the works, a higher strength concrete mixture will be utilised in attempt to reduce setting times
  • The site will receive additional visits from Highways Assurance to ensure compliance and correct signage along the diversion route.
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Phase 1 of the works will begin on Monday 7th March and will involve single lane closures, with traffic lights on Ugg Mere Court Road and Chapel Road this will last approximately 6 weeks.
Phase 2
 of the works will require a full road closure on Ugg Mere Court Road, north of Chapel Road. Diversions will be in place, this phase will last approximately 17 weeks.
Phase 3
of the works will see the Ugg Mere Court re-opened with intermittent single lane closures with traffic lights on Ugg Mere Court Road, lasting approximately 3 weeks.

Update – Monday 21st February  

We will be visiting the site this week and soon we will be arranging a community event where residents will be able to ask questions. We will share details and a location as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our work.