Gas Safety - Social media toolkit

Welcome to our Gas safety social media toolkit, which includes social media posts to help your customers, stakeholders and followers to get winter ready and stay gas safe at home. 

There are various themes that can be posted throughout the year, not just in winter, to educate on gas safety topics and help understanding of the right gas safe actions to take in different situations, such as, moving home, starting a new home building project or, most importantly, in a gas emergency. 

We have included links and tags should you wish to include them for more information. There is also a long and short version of the text as Twitter has less characters available. There is also a reference to the media file name so you can easily find and download the right image or video below in 'Media files' to use alongside your post.

We hope you find this helpful and useful content for your followers.  If you need any help using the toolkit please get in touch with us at

Social Posts


Media Files

Download the images and videos below to go alongside your social posts, as shown in the Toolkit.

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Get Winter ready 

Gas emergency