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Please note: If you are the flat occupier but do not own the property, you should check with your landlord or flat owner prior to agreeing to the terms of the Energy Exchange Programme.

Off - money off your energy costs
If you switch from gas to electricity for cooking, you won’t have to pay your gas standing charge anymore. Which means you could save around £90 per year* on your energy bill.

*Based upon available gas tariffs as at June 2018.


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On - keep your energy supply on
The gas pipes in your building will need to be replaced in the future, which means you could be without your gas supply for cooking for quite a long time.

But if you switch to electricity, your energy supply will continue to flow uninterrupted. 

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Offer - receive compensation
You’ll receive financial compensation if you agree to change from gas to electricity for your cooking. The compensation is both for the inconvenience caused, and to cover the costs of buying and installing a new electric cooker. Time to start trying out some new recipes!

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  • Do I need to contact my gas supplier?

    Yes, you’ll need to contact the company that supplies your gas and ask them to:

    (a) disconnect the service; and
    (b) remove the gas meter.

    If you don’t do this you may still be liable for standing charges even after the gas supply has been removed.

    Once your gas meter is removed, you will not be able to use your gas cooker for cooking purposes.

  • How can I find out who my current gas supplier is?

    You can find this information on your gas bill in addition to your meter point reference number. Alternatively, you can call the meter point reference helpline number on 0870 608 1524.

  • What do I need to do for you to be able to remove my gas supply?

    You’ll need to give your consent by completing and returning a Gas Disconnection Request which you can get from your Cadent representative.

  • What does the financial compensation cover?

    You'll receive £2,000 compensation if you agree to change from gas to electricity for your cooking.

    This covers the cost and installation of an electric cooker of your choice as well as the removal of your old gas cooker. It also includes a goodwill payment for taking part in this scheme, in recognition of the inconvenience caused.

    If your gas supply is already interrupted you will receive an additional £1,000. This covers the maximum compensation under Ofgem's Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSOP): GS1 Supply Restoration, for the interruption or loss of your gas supply.

    Help and support with purchasing and installing an electric cooker is available for all customers – please speak with your Cadent representative.

  • What happens if I want to keep my gas supply?

    The removal of your gas supply is not compulsory and you can choose to keep it if you want to.

  • What happens if other residents don’t agree to having their supply removed?

    All residents will need to agree to the removal of their gas supply, for us to be able to implement the scheme and provide the financial compensation.

  • When will I receive the compensation?

    Once all the residents in your building have done this, the compensation payment will be processed and sent out. Your Cadent representative will keep you informed and updated on progress.

  • When will my gas supply be removed?

    We’ll wait for 30 working days from the day you receive your compensation payment before we remove the gas supply. This will give you time to buy and install an electric cooker.

    Your Cadent representative operating in your building will explain the process to you.

  • Why do you want to remove the gas supply in our building?

    The gas in your building is only used for cooking and its usage is very low, which means gas users would benefit from switching to electricity:

    • The replacement of the gas pipes is a difficult job and will cause major inconvenience and disruption in your building for a lengthy period of time.
    • Removal of the gas supply means that you will no longer need to pay the gas standing charge – typically up to £90 per year*.
    • You would receive financial compensation to purchase and install a new electric cooker of your choice.


    *Based upon available gas tariffs as at June 2018.