If you don’t need gas at a property anymore, we can permanently disconnect the gas supply. Examples of when you may need this service could be if you are demolishing a property, or changing from gas to a different fuel source.


The current waiting time for a gas connection is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the date we receive payment and acceptance. We will always try to offer the earliest available date. If traffic management or other restrictions apply in your area this may increase waiting times.

Disconnections - information you'll need

Information you'll need

  • Full address of the property where the work is needed.
  • Diameter of the gas pipe being disconnected.

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Our services

New connections

This service provides a gas connection to existing and new build properties.

Alterations Disconnections

If you are renovating or extending a property you may need to change the position of your meter and gas pipes.​

Meter box parts and repairs

Replacement of domestic meter box parts such as:

  • keys
  • door hinges.

We also supply full meter boxes and also repair them.

Guides & Forms for Disconnections