Biomethane from waste

Biomethane is a renewable gas. Ws made from biodegradable matter such as food waste, sewage or energy crops. When these start to rot, they generate the gas we call biomethane. 

It's likely that food waste and sewage will continue to be part of our society for many decades to come, so finding a use for them - instead of letting the gas simply escape into the atmosphere- is beneficial to us all. 

Biomethane has a key role to play in a low carbon economy as a direct substitute for natural gas to fuel heat, power and transport, Biomethane is a 100% renewable energy source, which can help us achieve massive carbon emissions reductions and cleaner air.

We help biomethane producers get connected to our gas network as part of our 
ongoing efforts to create a sustainable future for the gas industry. So, a farm 
consortium can invest in an anaerobic digestion plant and sell the biomethane it 
generates back to the grid, making income from waste. This biomethane can, in turn, 
be used as fuel for heavy transport. 

What are CNG and Bio-CNG? 

Compressed natural gas is made when natural gas, mostly methane, is compressed to  less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. It is stored  at high pressure and is a practical alternative to diesel and petrol for heavy goods  vehicles and buses. Bio-CNG is compressed biomethane from food and animal waste.  When used as a vehicle fuel, it produces 84% less emissions than diesel and is 50%  quieter with ultra low NOx emissions too. 

Bio-CNG and the road to hydrogen 

We believe that in order to transition successfully net zero by using hydrogen, we need  first to convert lorry fleets to bio-CNG. Bio-CNG is 40% cheaper than diesel, has 84%  less emissions than old diesel engines and provides better air quality. Conversion to  bio-CNG is relatively simple and means we start reducing emissions straightaway.  That gives the UK time to build its hydrogen production capacity so that in a few years  time we can convert one more time to hydrogen and make heavy transport 100%  carbon free. 

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