Hydrogen Village

Around 2,000 homes, connected to the existing gas network and receiving low-carbon hydrogen instead of natural gas, for heating and cooking.

This is the Hydrogen Village – a world-leading programme to demonstrate the benefit and process of hydrogen gas being supplied via existing local gas pipes, to decarbonise local heating.

The demonstration, which is expected to commence by 2025, is a key milestone on the Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, which sets out a framework to build back better, support green jobs and accelerate the UK’s path to Net Zero.

Expanding on the extensive work already undertaken by gas network companies and appliance providers in using hydrogen for heating and cooking, the Hydrogen Village will play an important role in our path to Net Zero – helping the Government make a policy decision by 2026 on how to decarbonise heating and the role of the gas networks in delivering hydrogen.

Cadent Gas has recently started engaging with residents of a village near to the North West’s upcoming HyNet facility, with a view to the Hydrogen Village being established in this location.

Find more information at www.hydrogenvillage.com

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