Gas Supply Emergencies are extremely rare. But if one does happen, you’ll be asked to stop using gas so that we can keep homes and families safe.

There are things you must do now, and things you need to know if there is an emergency:
  1. You must give accurate emergency contact details to your gas supplier
  2. You must make sure that these details are kept up to date
  3. You must be ready to stop using gas as soon as we ask you to
Working together we can minimise the impacts of potential Gas Supply Emergencies. By giving your gas supplier your contact details, you’ll be helping to reduce demand on the gas network quickly and safely. 

It’s vital you know what’s needed and take action when you need to. If we contact you because there is a Gas Supply Emergency, you’re legally required to take the action we ask you to take.

Emergency exercises

Like other gas networks, we sometimes perform Gas Supply Emergency test exercises. This is a chance for us to make sure your contact details are right, and to test how quickly and safely your contact can arrange to stop using gas.
We then report the results to your Health & Safety Executive.

We will clearly state that it’s an exercise and that you’re not actually required to stop using gas.

Your Emergency Contact Details

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