Working in Partnership

We chair the industry wide Safeguarding Customers Working Group, playing a key role in providing better services to all customers but especially those most vulnerable. Part of this is linking with existing services to help those in need - an example being Local Authority Referral Schemes.

Helping those in need with more than just energy

Referral Schemes are based upon well-established partnerships within a local councils or authorities. Predominately they work by a broad group of associations jointly caring for people to allow a more rounded approach and this can be on a safety, healthy homes or social care basis.

When one of our engineers turns up on your doorstep and recognises that you could possibly be missing out on services available, they may request your consent to pass you onto a referral scheme in your area, where you could be put in touch with organisations such as Age UK, the Fire Service, the British Red Cross; along with many others.

​Priority services register (PSR)

I want to register

Under the terms of their licence, your gas supplier must keep a register of, and offer special help to, its customers who are:

  • of pensionable age
  • disabled (including customers who are blind or partially sighted, or deaf or have hearing difficulties), or
  • chronically (long-term) ill

If you register on the priority services register (PSR) with your gas supplier, you will receive a number of free benefits.

​Priority services register (PSR)

I want to register someone else Does a friend or relative need extra help?

We are committed to helping and safeguarding customers in vulnerable situations, but we realise there may sometimes be difficulties communicating with them directly. Are you concerned about a loved one? Find out more about how you can help here.