Loss of Gas - Deanshanger, Northamptonshire

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Compensation: This letter is being delivered to residents of Deanshanger following the recent loss of gas incident in the village.

21/07/2018, 2:25pm

We’ve checked our list and we’ve knocked on your door, 
knocked on your door, 
knocked on your door.
But alas no one was in. 
We’ve sent you a letter and tried you again
But no one was in.

We are now leaving your lovely village and are happy to return your streets to you. Our engineers and mobile command unit are about to leave the school car park.

When you return give us a call and we’ll come back to turn your gas on. If you have returned home to find you have no gas please call us on 0345 845 1111 and ask for a ‘purge & relight’ and we’ll send an engineer out to you.

You should have all received our letter explaining about the compensation you are entitled to. You don’t have to do a thing. I hope the letter will answer any questions you may have.

21/07/2018, 8:00am

Good morning Deanshanger, I’m happy to say we have turned everyone’s gas supply back on for those who have been at home.

If you haven’t been in, don’t worry, our engineers are still in the village waiting for your call. We will have left you a card with our number 0345 845 1111. Just give us a call and one of the engineers will pop round to turn your gas back on.

Don’t forget we are now at Elizabeth Woodville School not the Memorial Community Centre.

20/07/2018, 7:00pm

Thank you Deanshanger. We are nearly there. Our engineers have been to every home and business at least once now and most people are back on gas. We’d like to thank you for your patience and great spirit.

If you are not on gas yet, don’t worry, we are not going anywhere until the last person is back on gas. We’ll continue to visit this evening and we will be back tomorrow morning too.

We won’t be at Deanshanger Memorial Community Centre (MK19 6HT) tomorrow (Saturday), as we have had to decamp to Elizabeth Woodville School, Stratford Road, Deanshanger, MK19 6HN instead.

If you have any questions tomorrow we will be in the school car park or you can call us on 0345 835 1111.

We will visit you at least three times and if we still can’t get in to turn your gas back on, we will leave you a card with our number. So just call us when you are in.

20/07/2018, 7:50am

Good morning

…and let's start today with some good news. A big push starts in earnest from 8am to get you all back on gas.

If you followed updates yesterday, you’ll know we were able to restore gas supplies to around half of the 1500 properties affected by this loss of gas incident. You may have seen (or heard) that we continued working into the night last night to be absolutely satisfied that we could proceed with safely restoring supplies to the remainder.

A small army of engineers – drafted in from far and wide – are about to head out again to start switching your supply back on. So, just to stress again, if you can be in, please stay in. But if you need to go out, don’t worry, we will call again, and we’ll keep calling all through the day and into the evening if necessary. Or perhaps leave a key with a neighbour? We need to get inside your property to check all is working as it should.

We’d love to give you individually an idea on timing. It’s just not possible, due to the numbers involved. Sorry.

And a very important reminder, please don’t try to switch your own supply back on. It’s just not safe and you must wait for one of our engineers to call. They’ll make sure all your gas appliances are working safely. They carry ID – so ask to see it. It is what we expect, and want, our customers to do.
We’ll try again to keep you updated through the day on this Facebook page. Our team is back at Deanshanger Memorial Community Centre (MK19 6HT), if you want to speak face-to-face.

Nearly there Deanshanger, nearly there.

19/07/2018, 10:30pm

As part of the process to restore gas supplies, we are currently ‘venting’ gas. This is perfectly safe. Although this is likely to be the smell we know some of you can smell, we must stress that if you are concerned, ring 0800 111 999 and report it.

19/07/2018, 9:45pm

Good evening
Within the last hour, our engineers have confirmed it is safe to restore gas supplies to homes in 12 more streets in Deanshanger.
We have now started going door-to-door in the following streets, to switch on gas supplies and check all appliances are working safely:
Boswell Lane
Elm Drive
Folly Road
Little London
Patricks Lane
Porters Close
Puxley Road
Springfield Gardens
The Ridings
West Puxley Close
Westfield Avenue
This adds to the following roads which we were able to start restoring supplies to earlier today:
Church Lane
Wicken Road
High Street
Woodmans Close
Roberts Close
Home Farm Close
The Smithy
Bridge Walk
The Beeches
The Green
Buckingham Road
Maltings Row
Fox Hole Close
Canal Lane
Hayes Road
We aren’t making appointments, nor guaranteeing a time that we’ll call, but rest assured we’ll work late into tonight to get to as many homes as possible. We will keep going until about 11pm and we’ve got engineers ready to start again early in the morning.
If you are not in when we call first time, we will call again, multiple times. If you need to go out, perhaps leave a key with a neighbour. We need access to your property to restore your supply. We know this is a big ask, but it will really help speed up the process.
Please do not try to restore your own supply. It isn’t safe and must only be done by one of our engineers. Also, please ask to see their ID before letting them in. We won’t be offended and we’d much prefer you did this than otherwise be concerned.
We expect tonight to have restored gas supplies safely to around half of the 1500 homes affected by this loss of supply incident. We’ll be back early tomorrow to get to the remaining properties. We’ll post a fresh update in the morning.
We’re getting there Deanshanger. We know you all just want your gas supply back on and it’ll not be long now. Your patience is remarkable and much appreciated. All being well, we’re expecting to have the bulk of this all sorted during tomorrow.
Have a restful night everyone.
19/07/2018, 5:56pm

Oh no! We have an apology to make.

We’ve realised we said this morning that we were ready to start turning supplies back on in Winwood Close, Moors Close, Diswell Brook Way, Honey Hill Drive, Goosemere and Kingshill Drive. We were too quick off the mark there. A genuine mistake, for which we apologise.

We are hopeful of reaching these and other roads in Deanshanger tonight, but this is a big job - involving 1500 homes - and we hope we’ve been clear that we expect this incident to go beyond today for some of you. We are doing all we can to get you back on gas as quickly as we can. But our priority is to do it safely.

Keep an eye on this page for updates. We will do our best to post on here which streets we are moving to next. You can help us speed this up by being in and staying in - if you need to go out, perhaps ask a neighbour who you know will be in, and let them have means to enter your property.

Thanks, and sorry for the oversight this morning.

19/07/2018, 3:50pm
We’ve made good progress and can now start turning gas back on in the streets listed below. We know it’s a big ask, and a challenge if you are at work, but if you make every effort to be in and stay in, that would help speed this up.
Just a reminder, please don’t try to put your own gas back on. Our engineers need to do that, to ensure it’s all safe and everything is working as it should. Please don’t take risks. Also, our engineers carry official ID - please ask to see it. We won’t be offended at all.
Church Lane
Wicken Road
High Street
Woodmans Close
Roberts Close
Home Farm Close
The Smithy
Bridge Walk
The Beeches
The Green
Patricks Lane
Buckingham Road
Maltings Row
If you are not in, don’t worry, we will call back several times. If a neighbour has a key and you don’t mind them letting us in, that would help too. We will be working into the night and tomorrow, to get you all back on gas.
Thanks again for your patience.
Keep checking in here if you live on streets in Deanshanger that are not listed here. We will do our best to let you know when we are moving onto your street.

19 July, 12:45pm
We aim to have accessed all the homes we need to access by late this afternoon, to safely turn off gas supplies. This means we’ll then be able to put gas back into our network and start the process of going back to each of the 1500 properties, to safely turn your supply back on. For your safety, it’s very important you let our qualified engineers do this.

As we’re dealing with so many properties, we can’t make appointments or give guaranteed times when we’ll call. But don’t worry, if you are not in, we will call back. We’ll keep coming back today and tomorrow, and into the weekend if needed. If you’re still not in, we’ll pop a note through your letter box explaining how to arrange a visit from one of our engineers.

Thanks very much for your patience. We’ll have you back on gas soon.

19 July, 9:10am
We hope to start switching gas back on throughout Thursday and will continue on Friday if necessary.

We hope that everyone will be back on gas by Saturday as long as we have been able to gain access to safely switch the gas on and complete all of the necessary safety checks.

Please do not try to turn your own gas supplies back on. This must be done by a qualified gas engineer.

Cadent engineers will start to switch gas supplies back on in phases. We will keep you informed which streets will be turned on for each phase. However, some streets will not be able to be turned on until all properties have been checked and gas supplies safely turned off first.

It is important that you are in to enable us to do these checks.

We will keep you updated throughout the day to let you know when we will be visiting your street. Please be patient.

The first streets we will be visiting this morning to turn gas supplies on are:

Fox Hole Close
Canal Lane
Hayes Road
Winwood Close
Moors Close
King Hill Drive
Diswell Brook Way
Honey Hill Drive

We can not give you a time when we will be visiting your property to turn your gas supply on. If you are at work or out, we will continue to visit your home until we are able to complete the safety checks to switch your gas back on.

18 July, 11pm
Cadent has visited all affected properties in Deanshanger to try to safely switch off the gas supplies at the meter. All properties have been visited at least once. We would like to thank people for their patience and co-operation. Gas supplies at the majority of properties have now been switched off.

We will be returning at 7.30am tomorrow to visit the remaining properties to switch off safely.  For safety reasons, we cannot start to restore gas supplies until every property has been checked and safely switched off. Once this has been completed, we can start to get gas back into our network and then revisit every property to safely turn the gas supplies back on.

18 July, 2.45pm
Local gas network Cadent is investigating reports of a loss of gas supply to more than 1500 homes and businesses in Deanshanger, near Milton Keynes, following a problem on the gas network earlier today. The cause of the problem is not known and is under investigation.

To restore gas supplies engineers first need to visit every home and business in the village to switch off their gas.

We are currently switching off supplies. Please arrange for someone to be home so we can switch your supply off. The sooner we are able to switch every supply off, the quicker we will be able to get gas back on to everyone.

Please do not switch off your own gas supply – wait for an engineer to call.

Cadent will then recommission the village’s gas pipe network. Engineers will then need to visit every property again to switch the gas back on and ensure gas is flowing safely to gas appliances such as boilers, cookers and gas fires.

If you smell gas or experience a loss of gas please call 0800 111 999.

We have set up an incident room in Deanshanger Memorial Community Centre (MK19 6HT), where people can get further information and talk to our people on site.

We are working to restore gas as soon as possible but it may take a number of days. We are drafting engineers from across the Midlands, London and East Anglia to assist. We will keep people updated.

We are ensuring customers in vulnerable situations – elderly people, those who are chronically sick, people with disabilities, families with babies or very young children – are getting assistance. However, if you know of someone in a vulnerable situation and you are concerned please contact 0345 835 1111

If you have any enquiries about this incident please call 0345 835 1111

Cadent owns half the gas network in Deanshanger. The remaining homes and businesses are supplied by two smaller, independent gas transporters (IGTs). We are working together to restore gas supplies.

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