You've hit a gas pipe? Don't panic!

If you’ve hit one of our pipes, don’t worry, we’ll make it safe, repair it and get your gas flowing again. And, although there is a cost to these repairs, chances are you’re covered by your home insurance.

“I hit the pipe”

Contact your home insurance company, tell them what’s happened and that Cadent, your gas distribution company, are fixing the pipe.

We’ll send you a summarised bill shortly after we’ve completed the repair. You’ll then need to send it onto your home insurance company. This should be all they need to pay the claim.

If you live in rented accommodation and only have contents insurance, you’ll need to speak to your landlord.

“A tradesperson working for me hit the pipe”

If a tradesperson, such as a builder or landscaper hit our pipe, they’ll most likely be covered under their Public Liability Insurance and we’ll claim our costs directly from them.

If they’re on site when we arrive we’ll speak to them and take their details. If they’ve already left, you’ll need to give us their contact details. 

“I don’t have insurance” or “I don’t want to claim on my insurance”

You can pay for the repair yourself.

If you can’t pay in full, please contact us to discuss alternative payment arrangements.

Fixing the pipe

Our emergency engineers’ priority is to keep you and your home safe.

A different team of engineers will stop the flow of gas and repair or replace the pipe. How long this will take will depend on how badly the pipe is damaged and what repair is required. We may be able to repair the damage but if not, we may have to replace the entire pipe. The engineers will let you know what they need to do when they’ve carried out a full assessment.

Getting your gas back on

You may not have gas until the pipe is fixed.

Before switching your gas back on, one of our specialist gas engineers will attend to carry out necessary safety checks on your gas supply.  This will be a different engineer to the team that will repair the damage as each of our teams has a specialist set of skills.

  • There was no warning tape or sand above the pipe; does this mean I’m not liable for the damage?

    If you damage a gas pipe, you will be charged. It’s the responsibility of the person digging to take care when carrying out any excavations near our pipes.  Warning tape or sand won’t always be used when laying pipes due to the techniques we use. If there is tape or sand, they may not always be directly above the pipeline due to changes in the soil moving either the sand or the pipeline. For more information visit

  • Why does Cadent send more than one engineer to a repair job?

    Different tasks require different skilled trades. The initial gas emergency will have been dealt with one of our First Call Emergency engineers. A specialist Repair Team will then carry out the repair to the pipes before we send a specialist Gas Safety engineer to carry out checks inside your home and get your gas back on

  • Why is there not a standard charge?

    We have to charge you for the actual costs incurred, including our overheads, as opposed to charging a standard price.  This is the fairest way for all customers and reflects the extent of the damage caused to the pipes.

  • How long do I have to pay the bill?

    30 days from the date of the Invoice.

  • I employed a tradesperson and they caused the damage; do I have to pay?

    Most tradespeople will have Public Liability Insurance and will be covered for any damage they cause. If they’re still on site when our emergency engineers arrive, we’ll take their details. If they aren’t on site, you may have to provide evidence of your contract with them, such as an invoice or written confirmation from the company accepting liability for the work. If it’s not possible to prove a contractor is liable for the damage you will be liable for payment.

  • Why doesn’t the service pipe run in a straight line from main to meter?

    Although it feels fairly solid beneath our feet, there’s a lot that can happen underground. Solid materials in the soil, changes in the ground density, water and digging animals and can cause pipes to change depth and direction. For more information visit

  • I don’t understand the bill, what does it cover?

    The bill we send covers all our costs, including parts, labour and travel for all teams involve in the repair. In some instances, we may need to hire some additional equipment like traffic lights, or other specialist equipment, these costs may also be added.  We will send a bill to recover all our costs.