Long term development plan

When deciding how to invest in our networks, we look at supply and demand needs, what’s important to our stakeholders and how our customers want to use our system.

Energy supply in the future, including both gas and electricity, will need to be:

  • secure – continuing to operate safely and reliably 365 days a year
  • sustainable – facilitating decarbonisation of the energy industry
  • affordable – reducing the number of families living in fuel poverty.

Our long term development plan outlines our assessment of future demand across our four gas distribution networks and provides a view of our plans and investments for the years to come.

It describes our assessment of future gas use and the demand on our network under a range of different scenarios.

Looking forward, we believe gas distribution networks will play a major part in the future of energy, delivering a reduction in emissions at a lower cost to alternative options, with less disruption, while maintaining a secure supply and continuing to meet customer demands.

Energy efficiency must continue as a top priority for the energy industry, and it is essential that in the move towards a decarbonised energy system, fuel poverty is properly addressed. An increase in the number of households living in fuel poverty would be unacceptable.

We welcome any views you have on the plan, including ideas for improvement via the feedback form below.

Long term development plan - 2018

Previous Long Term Development Plan documentation has referenced the Network Entry Gas Quality Specification for gas injected into our pipelines. This can now be found using the link below: